Future Developments

With an ever-changing world, where technology is no longer embraced but rather essential to our day to day. The First Industrial Revolution aimed to mechanize production using water/ steam. The Second created mass production with electricity. The Third was the automation of production through IT and electronics. Now the Fourth, the digital revolution. It is characterized by a fusion of technologies that is blurring the lines between the physical, digital, and biological spheres. This represents a fundamental change in the way we live, work and relate to one another

Delta Scan aims to disrupt even the most advanced way of thinking to continually add value to the world around us. This is why we have diversified our portfolio keeping a finger on the pulse in developing projects for the future.


Delta Scan Virtual Reality Experts – Specialists in the conversion of Infrastructure into digital engineering experiences and have developed the systems in how to bring those experiences into the asset management workflow.

An offshoot of our digitisation speciality is our work in digital experiences and simulation. Delta Scan specialises in the conversion of plants and infrastructure into digital virtual tours and immersive interactive Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality environments used for monitoring, audits, asset management as well as training simulations. The first company in South Africa to have VR designers and software gurus working alongside structural engineers to develop VR tech focused on the professional market.

The digitisation of hundreds of construction projects during COVID with drones and LiDAR were converted into photorealistic digital replicas so that projects could be visited remotely without having to go to site with the travel restrictions. This was an in-depth virtual reality project custom designed for remote site management.

MetaVerse & NFTs

Our most recent achievement -The building of Africa’s first Metaverse (digital world) which was premiered at the SingularityU conference on 14 October 2021. Visit the links below to view our advanced knowledge and work in this space on an international scale. We were selected out of hundreds of VR engineering companies to build a digital replica of museums, historical objects and the Mandela Foundation to eternalise our history in the digital realm and virtual reality.

Our aim is to empower our clients with tools to speed up their workflows.