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Why DeltaScan

DeltaScan has been assisting asset owners, engineering companies, industrial sites, petrochemical plants and mines, throughout the world by introducing our technological driven workflows using digital tools in combination with artificial intelligence and precision analytics. Our aim is to empower engineers, surveyors and asset owners with tools to speed up their workflows and get more value out of their operations. Safer, faster and more accurately than ever thought possible.

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Our aim is to empower our clients with tools to speed up their workflows.

Market leaders in 3D digitisation and reporting, bringing intelligence into digital assets

We digitize the world around us to create powerful analytical 3D models to extract engineering value. We strive to improve efficiency, bring down costs, and provide comprehensive information to make better informed decisions. Combining cutting edge drone platforms and scanning technology together with 3D digitization, artificial intelligence and engineering analysis principles.

DeltaScan bridges the gap between the collection of data & turning that into powerful engineering insight.

DeltaScan is a specialist inspection and digitisation company founded by a team of professionals in the civil engineering and GIS space. Our passion for technology and innovation brought us together to rethink how we approach digitisation, mapping and inspection of infrastructure and to challenge decade old practices.