Tailings Storage Facilities Monitoring

Delta Scan’s speciality in digital model creation and analysis has been used to develop a unique and world-first approach to Tailings Storage Facility compliance. A solution that provides the engineer with essential tools to make better informed decisions as well as the ability to convey that information to the mine.

The methodology of our solution starts with data acquisition using specialised UAV’s that have the capabilities to capture aerial data over a vast area faster, cheaper, and safer than conventional methods.

Capture methodologies are focused on a specific level of detail and accuracy requirement which goes into proprietary reconstruction software developed to create highly accurate digital replicas.

The key value proposition is Delta Scan’s ability to process the aerial data into a digital replica of the dam, allowing us to digitally extract key geotechnical information that is used as part of the compliance workflow.

Delta Scan will provide the following information for each scan completed:

  • Ground and non-ground classification: Detection of all vegetation around the dam, separating dam areas, as well as the percentage of surface area coverage. *
  • Bare earth topographical surfaces with displayed contours. *
  • Freeboard Analysis and chainage
  • Slope Identification and compliance using heat map analysis.
  • Pool tracking
  • Wedge Width Compliance where applicable
  • High resolution georeferenced aerial orthophotos
  • High resolution 3D models for manipulation and interaction
  • High resolution point clouds for engineering integration and measurements
  • Cloud compatible data to be accessed on a web platform

Our surveys are signed off by SAGI approved, professionally registered surveyors

Our aim is to empower our clients with tools to speed up their workflows.