Earth Day 2024

Happy Earth Day 2024 from Delta Scan!! The 22nd of April 2024 is International Earth Day.  The main intention of Earth Day is to promote environmental protection and sustainability around the globe. The video below explores the making of the ‘Google Doodle’ which was released today. This happens to feature some amazing Orthophotos. These aerial photos are of the planet’s natural beauty and biodiversity and reminds us of the importance of protecting it for future generations.
We found the campaign itself incredibly impactful and had to share what the power of Aerial data capture can do on a social and environmental level. Now, what does that mean?  The Google Doodle happened to be showcasing significant steps in combating pollution and deforestation. As well as other issues that are impacting our planet. Once again showing the power of ariel data capture and the significant role it plays in the world around us. Delta Scan, as a company, noticed how valuable the use of aerial photogrammetry was in this campaign. This is because this is how we use aerial and satellite imagery to assist in assessing damages from natural disasters and climate change. As well as how we come up with solutions to mitigate the impact of these disasters. We also make use of aerial and satellite imagery for additional and valuable information for urbanisation studies and population density studies. As well as the impact of commercial mining on local communities, all the way through to disaster mitigation or response assessments.
What the Organisation does:

The Earth Day organisation is unwavering in their commitment to end pollution and help in eradicating the devastating results of climate change. One of their biggest demands is reducing 60% of the production of all plastics by the year 2040. Their dedication to climate education does not fall short either. They have created new jobs and are working towards building a green consumer market. This will allow for citizens to engage with their different governments in a way that will create change and impact the climate crisis positively. Cleanups have been introduced all around the world, where people will come together to collect trash and other disposables along beaches, in parks and on the streets.

Overall, Earth Day encourages the world to reduce plastic usage, educate the world on the impact of climate change and help make the world a better and healthier place for future generations. Using aerial photogrammetry is imperative for the data capture of climate change. We are so delighted to see the same technology Delta Scan uses as the forefront of their campaign.