Mine Storage Silos 

One of our clients, a platinum producer in Mpumalanga, South Africa, contracted Delta Scan to conduct an annual baseline inspection on 2 mine storage silos in October 2023. Silo inspections, depending on size and method, are tricky and time-consuming. This is precisely why our customers consistently choose our services; they ensure minimal operational delays, thus minimizing productivity loss.

The inspection, conducted using Delta Scan’s drone data capture workflows, encompassed both external and internal assessments. However, the project’s pivotal aspect was elevating the reporting process. Our external façade maps have emerged as a focal point in our report deliveries, often representing the most valuable information post-inspections. Yet, replicating this success for internal façade maps had posed a challenge.

Delta Scan’s experienced data capture team spearheaded the implementation of an internal data capture workflow. This innovation now enables our master technicians to recreate façade maps for the internal surfaces of the silos. This comprehensive approach provides the client with a complete digital twin and a comprehensive defect roadmap.

In a single mobilisation, and within one day on site, we completed the data capture. This in-depth information would typically require conventional means of at least 2-3 weeks to capture. While the reporting produced through conventional means would take another 2-3 weeks and would fall far short of what the client received just 6 days after leaving the site. We delivered full internal and external digital twins, annotated with defects. We provided a LiDAR point cloud for the verification of geometry, internal & external façade maps, and identified and quantified various defects. Additionally, we presented a full baseline report of findings with recommendations and remedials.


Project Details:
  • Internal Inspection flight time per Silo: 10 minutes
  • More time spent driving to site then capturing on site.
  • Internal & external façade maps