Unearthing the Future: Delta Scan’s Innovative Hybrid AI Approach to Mine Digitisation

The world of mine digitisation is advancing rapidly, Delta Scan is pioneering a trans-formative approach that is reshaping the mining industry. Their innovative fusion of artificial intelligence and 3D data is revolutionising the way mines are inspected, managed, and optimised. In this blog, we explore how Delta Scan’s AI-powered solutions are taking mine digitisation to new heights.

Delta Scan’s Hybrid AI Approach: A Game Changer

The heart of Delta Scan’s approach lies in marrying advanced artificial intelligence (AI) with high-quality 3D data captured through technologies like drone photogrammetry and terrestrial LiDAR. This powerful combination unleashes a world of possibilities, enhancing every aspect of mine digitisation.

  1. Enhanced Data Analysis: The AI component of Delta Scan’s approach enables the intelligent analysis of vast datasets. It can quickly process, categorize, and derive insights from the immense amount of information captured during inspections, far beyond the capacity of manual analysis.
  2. Predictive Maintenance: Delta Scan’s AI solutions are designed to predict potential maintenance needs based on historical data and real-time monitoring. This empowers mining companies to perform proactive maintenance, preventing costly breakdowns and optimising equipment lifespans.
  3. Safety Enhancements: The AI component can identify potential safety hazards and operational risks, allowing for timely intervention and accident prevention. This approach significantly enhances safety in mining operations.
Success Stories of AI Implementation in the Mining Sector

AI’s transformative power is exemplified by real-world success stories in the mining industry:

  1. Barrick Gold Corporation: One of the world’s leading gold mining companies implemented AI-driven predictive maintenance solutions. By continuously monitoring equipment conditions, they reduced unplanned downtime by 25% and improved overall equipment efficiency,
  2. Rio Tinto: Rio Tinto, a global mining giant, incorporated AI into their operations, allowing them to optimise haul truck routes, reduce fuel consumption, and minimise environmental impact. The result was substantial cost savings and a more environmentally responsible approach to mining.
  3. Newcrest Mining: This Australian mining company harnessed AI for rock characterisation and blast optimisation. By fine-tuning their blasting procedures with AI insights, they increased ore recovery rates and improved overall operational efficiency.

Delta Scan’s hybrid AI approach builds on these success stories, taking mine digitisation to the next level. Their solutions empower mining companies to not only inspect their sites remotely but also optimize operations, reduce costs, and ensure a safer work environment. As the mining industry continues its digital transformation, Delta Scan’s innovative approach sets new standards for efficiency and sustainability, offering a glimpse of the bright future of mining.