3D Digitisation & Scan to BIM

Precision CAD and BIM modelling from UAV and terrestrial based LiDAR data collection techniques. Covering both external and internal environments. Delta Scan creates 3D models of various types of infrastructures.

Terrestrial LiDAR technology

Scan Data

Our Technology is focused on bringing Digital Assets into the Design Workflow. This involves Point Cloud subsampling, Automated Detection of Structural Elements, and conversion to Standard Drawing Formats. We specialise in the conversion of Scan Data to Engineering or Architectural CAD Models using both Revit and AutoCAD and output to any compatible CAD format as well as PDFs. We also have an Architectural Team for any Drawing-Specific Council Submission Requirements.

Terrestrial LiDAR technology

Building Information Modelling

The latest Scanning and Modelling Technology have enabled us to capture information more efficiently than ever. BIM or ‘Building Information Modelling’ is a Powerful Tool in modern day Engineering and the interoperability of 3D Data sets enables Designers from all disciplines to work in the same Model Environment.

Terrestrial LiDAR technology

What Sets Us Apart

What sets us apart, is the use of Multi Sensor Data Collection. No Model is the same and different formats of scanning suited to different applications, Drones cover large areas and high rise Structures more efficiently, LiDAR Scanners capture fine details such as connections and steel members, SLAM Mapping is used when doing GA’s or Architectural Layouts.

Part of our scan workflow is offering deflection and deformation assessments on tanks and steel lattices. We capture all essential information from the ground up, both inside and out. The right scanner for the right job.

Our aim is to Empower Our Clients with Tools to Speed Up their Workflows.