Who We Are

Delta Scan is a specialist inspection and digitisation company founded by a team of professionals in the civil engineering and GIS space.

Our passion for technology and innovation brought us together to rethink how we approach professional services and to challenge decades old practices. Our unique solutions were created around customer centric needs. Years of research uncovered an industry requiring more accurate information, faster turnaround times, higher levels of confidence in reporting, and quantification in turnkey solutions.

Combining cutting edge drone and scanning technology together with 3D digitisation and engineering design principles, DeltaScan was created to address these needs and solve the industries greatest challenges. All of this at a fraction of the ‘conventional’ cost.

DeltaScan has been assisting asset owners, engineering companies, industrial sites, petrochemical and mines, throughout the world by introducing technological driven workflows using Digital Tools in combination with Artificial Intelligence and Precision Analytics. Our aim is to empower engineers with better tools to speed up their workflows and get more value out of their operations.


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Meet the Team Behind it All

Darryl Epstein
Darryl Epstein
Managing Director

Managing Director, Structural Engineer and Digital Engineering Expert for Delta Scan, Darryl is a professionally registered Structural Engineer. He is obsessed with technological innovation and 3D workflows, disrupting the world of design and monitoring of infrastructure through digital technology.

Coming from a ten-year background in Civil and Structural Engineering, coupled with an addiction to tech, he turned to robotics, artificial intelligence and game design to rewrite the rules of engineering and bring in a new era of asset maintenance.
Darryl’s obsession with 3D and digital design led him down a path to become a photogrammetry expert and to pioneer the use of digital twins for the inspection and management of commercial and industrial infrastructure. Darryl is also well equipped in Artificial Intelligence as well as Cloud computing.

In a few short years, Delta Scan went from being the new kid on the block to developing world-class software platforms for the management of infrastructure on the cloud. Darryl has a deep knowledge of engineering design practices and understands how the latest technologies can drive efficiencies and innovation in a market that is generally resistant to change.

He regularly presents at conferences and keynotes pushing the boundaries in engineering design and the adoption of digital workflows.

He holds a BSc in Civil Engineering from Wits.

Dayle Pedro
Dayle Pedro

Although not part of the initial team, Dayle has always been seen as a founding member of Delta Scan.

Dayle, who comes to us from the Garden Route, has 6 years of experience in designing workflows specific to the use of remote sensing to replace conventional workflows that prove to be inefficient and not cost-effective.

Dayle is a travel bug and runs Delta Scan from all four corners of the country, from onsite project management to developing new data collection techniques to optimise data processing and client deliverables. He is the backbone of Delta Scan, supporting Darryl with strategic decisions and always acting quickly to keep Delta Scan dynamic.
Dayle’s responsibility within Delta Scan is ultimately to manage and lead the development of commercial service offerings, integrating new remote sensing and digital technology in our perspective industries.

Access to these industries has arisen from his strong ability in creating key strategic relationships in vertical sectors.

Additionally, Dayle’s portfolio includes project management, financial control and coordination with suppliers. He commits himself to the personal responsibility of project deliverables and brings a wealth of knowledge to onsite remote operations and complex industrial undertakings.

Dayle is a current RPL Holder and one of South Africa’s only skilled and trained internal inspection pilot and also holds a degree in Financial Management from Stellenbosch.

Our aim is to Empower Our Clients with Tools to Speed Up their Workflows.