Engineering Condition Assessments


Condition Audits

Our team’s 30-year Professional background in the Maintenance, Inspection and Repair of Infrastructure is the backbone of our solutions. We have created a disruption in the market by combining Ultra–Detail 3D Digitisation with Engineering Analysis.

Structural and Engineering Condition Assessments with a data driven approach.

Unmanned Aerial Vehicles, Powerful Camera Systems and Artificial Intelligence have come together to build a System where Assets can be Inspected in a fraction of the time with little to no interruption on site. We do it Safer, Faster and More Accurately. Most companies offer photos or video footage you land up with an inspection document hundreds of pages thick, individual images with no information on the significance of the defect, no guidance on how to repair and no way of quantifying or costing the work. Delta Scan has created the most Comprehensive Analysis System on the market.

Our Inspection Network

Our Analysis Tools enable us to provide Inspection Services anywhere in the World. We work with Drone Operators, Inspection Crews, Engineers and Asset Owners to develop Inspection Programs and to make use of the Latest Technology on the Market.

Facade Mapping
Façade Mapping

A specialist discipline of DeltaScan Structural Condition Assessments dedicated to the inspection of the exterior façade of structures. This includes, but not limited to buildings, silos, cooling towers, smokestacks, and tanks. Façade Mapping is a critical component in the inspection workflow and falls into the required annual compliance and for a CoC to be issued. Our system has been developed to accurately account for all external material defects that can be found in both steel and concrete structures including internal material integrity. This is the new era of NDT (non–destructive testing)

Thermal investigations
Thermal Investigations

Code compliance and accurate repairs go beyond looking on the surface alone. We use thermal technology extensively in our inspection workflows to understand material behavior and accurately account for subsurface defects

Repair methodologies
Advised Repair Methodologies

DeltaScan has joined forces with specialist repair companies and product suppliers around the globe, enabling us to spec the correct product for the job. We analyze the nature of the defect, its impact on the structure, and recommend the best means of repair.

Bill of quantities
Advised Quantification of Materials

Our AI analysis system goes beyond detection and allows us to accurately quantify and cost repairs–an element that is often left to guess work. When repair costs are estimated, expenditure on repairs is inaccurate leading to cost overruns and insufficient budgets.

Internal structure
Internal Structural Compliance

With the latest unmanned tools on the market we now offer full internal inspection solutions and compliance reports. An exercise that was limited to rope access is now a reality with drones.

The Condition Assessment Matrix

We have built our Inspection System around 6 Key Elements. Going beyond the 3D Model means understanding the Origin and Nature of Defects, Interpreting the Impact they have on the Structure and being able to Restore the Structure to perform Optimally and achieve Regulatory Compliance. Our Digital Analysis Tools enable us to Accurately Inspect, Categorize and Quantify with High Levels of Accuracy and Confidence.

Our aim is to Empower Our Clients with Tools to Speed Up their Workflows.